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Improvised Rituals

Vincent Van Der Bosch

Vincent Van Der Bosch has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since December 18, 2015. 

"Opus 13: The Weather Within"

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Vincent Van Der Bosch

Improvised Rituals

"12 String Guitar. Vol 2"

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Shades Echoes Fragments

"12 String Guitar. Vol 1"


"Opus 46: Drone and A Chance Scale"

​​​Vincent's Albums

​​​Vincenct Van Der Bosch is the alteronym of Aggelos Boshidas , born in Athens, Greece in 1983.

After finishing his bachelor in film studies with a respective minor in music, Van Der Bosch left Greece for some time to do the "creative research-media technology" master in Leiden, the Netherlands, (2007-2009). 

There he created the two international conferences' participated software  "Motion2Sound," (Dimea'08, Athens, Intetain'09, Amsterdam) a program that incorporates the basic principles of movement to sound by linking motion-captured footage to virtual sound plugins. As Van Der Bosch put it, "If the motion is interesting then the sound will be interesting too."         The piece, "An Eagle on Purple Inks" was featured on his first digital album, "Echoes/Shades/Fragments" (2014).      It "translates" a video footage of a flying eagle into piano
score music and as "The Sleeping Shaman" review puts it,  ''It’s a sound experiment which works surprisingly well,
capturing the aspects of flight in its undulating measures while fitting in well with the album’s spirit."

Music of Van Der Bosch has an ever-expanding character. One can find elements of contemporary modal, atonal and serial music, to chance procedures, polyrhythms, minimalism, post-minimalism, rock, drum n bass beats transformed into piano rhythms with working
as a formal basis a principle that he calls "orders."

Back from a hunch in 2003, he systematized the idea that basic patterns can be the canon of producing harmonic scales, rhythms, dynamic scales as well as every sound attribute-not limiting that idea only to music but to everything "that fluctuates." Backed up by pythagorean mathematical approach to music, Henry Cowells' "overtone based rhythms", and Nancarrows' scale of tempi and more, the idea of orders is based on ratios.

For example a pitch interval of fifth followed by a fourth belongs to the order { 7,5 } counting from root note to semitones and then from there to the next interval. 

This when "rationalized", using the relationships between the basic sound frequencies , becomes the order [2:3:4] 

Now one can take the interval relationships and use them analogically in dynamics, tempo changes, rhythm lengths and more. (every musical attribute that has more than one number value). 

For example a scale of tempi can be created consisting from 200 bpm, 300, 400 (and the halves, because of the octave universality axiom), 150, 75 e.t.c. 

Van Der Bosch is currently writing his "manifesto-paper" on the "Rational System" of orders he created and he is still developing up to date , as new releases will show the theory more and more incorporated into his music.

To grasp more on how that works one has to think about the mathematical foundation of music , ratios, relationships between different musical aspects and the Gestalt , psychological principles.

In late 2015 came the release of the piano album "Improvised Rituals" with a series of "aural rituals" set by the composer, to challenge the extent of determinacy, predeterminacy and indeterminacy to a musical work. 

Van Der Bosch continues his musical explorations, with an aim to understand music as a "whole," interrelated with other art forms, the society, human psychology and philosophy inspired by authors such as Wilhelm Reich, David Bohm (see the "implicate order,") Michel Onfray, and others.

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