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        The String Revolution is an innovative and dynamic guitar band that pushes the boundaries of traditional music. Composed of three virtuoso guitarists, they are renowned for their electrifying performances, blending different genres and styles to create a unique and captivating sound. Their intricate melodies, mesmerizing harmonies, and astonishing guitar skills have earned them a dedicated following and critical acclaim worldwide.

​        The band includes former Randy Rhoads student Janet Robin (named in the “Top 50 Acoustic Guitarist bonus list” by Guitar Player Magazine, 2017), who is also an acclaimed touring guitarist with the likes of Lindsey Buckingham, Meredith Brooks, Air Supply and many more, award winning Austrian nylon-string guitarist Markus Illko and Cuban multi-credited guitarist Rober Luis.

        They released their first EP “Stringborn” in 2016 to rave reviews and jam-packed shows, and their newest CD, “Red Drops” was released in 2019. Both records were mixed and mastered in London by producer/engineer Matt Hyde, known for his production and engineering work with guitarists, Rodrigo y Gabriela as well as engineering and mixing Slipknot’s Grammy nominated albums. The String Revolution’s cover version of “Billie Jean” reached the Top 10 Spotify LA Instrumental Charts and their songs on Spotify have reached over 4 Million plays in total. They have been selling out several Los Angeles notable clubs such as Hotel Cafe, Boulevard Music, The Mint, and many music festivals as they continue to tour nationally and soon, internationally. In 2019, the band was invited to perform at The Grammy Museum in The Clive Davis Theater for their prestigious American Express sponsored concert series.

        During the pandemic, the band continued to record remotely and release singles “Drive Me Home” and “Figure 8.” The String Revolution's repertoire spans an eclectic range of musical genres, seamlessly blending elements of classical, rock, jazz, and world music. TSR breathes new life into classics, and present original compositions, all infused with their signature style. With their unparalleled technical skill and musicality, they effortlessly navigate complex arrangements, creating a sonic landscape that is both captivating and emotionally charged. They are especially known for re-imagining iconic songs- not only “Billie Jean” but other songs such as “Rocketman.”

        In 2022, they teamed up with longtime Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens to record a very unique acoustic version of the Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads classic, “Crazy Train.,” including a special animated video. The result garnered quite a good amount of complimentary press and more excitement over the band. That led them to music industry icon, Miles Copeland, who along with biz partner John Bevilacqua became their managers. That led to a signing with Jerry Ross’s Harmony Agency and the band has risen to touring to perform in PAC’s and state fairs.        

        In 2023, the band got together to arrange another iconic song. This time it was “Folsom Prison Blues.” They tapped Grammy® winning producer (and Johnny Cash’s son), John Carter Cash to produce the song, which upon hearing the demo and idea to re-imagine his Dad’s song into a guitar instrumental, was excited to be a part of this project. The band then decided to have another special guest again. This time, they teamed up with Grammy® nominated guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel to join in as a featured guitarist on the new arrangement of “Folsom Prison Blues.” The result of this pairing has the guitar and music community praising the combination of these guitar forces and the detailed production. Mixing was again done by Grammy® winner Matthew Hyde and mastering was by Grammy® winner Emerson Mancini in Los Angeles, Ca.        

        With memorable songs, unique arrangements, and exceptional musicianship, The String Revolution is no doubt a new force in the world of music and guitar performance.

The String Revolution


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