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Olivier Lebra

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"Chopin No. 20. B.49"

"Piano in an Empty Room"

"Abraham's Theme"

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Olivier Lebra has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since April 25, 2015. 



"Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini"


"For Mother's Day"

"La petite fille de la mer"

"La Petite Fille De La Mer "

"Plexiglass (Meditative Rush) "

"Fryderyk "


        Olivier Lebra is a highly skilled piano cover artist and composer who creates beautiful music on synthesizer and digital piano. This amazing artist can take any song and bring it to life with his lovely and thoughtful interpretations. Olivier has a broad repertoire of music, both contemporary and classical, available for your enjoyment on his YouTube channel. We have included our favorites below, including his cover of "A Time For Us" by Nino Rota in the video below. It is an honor to welcome Olivier Lebra to The Artist Gallery.

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"Is There Anybody Out There?"

"Pull Marine"

       Olivier Lebra was born in 1973 in Nice, France on the French Riviera. Growing up, like many kids, his parents pushed him to take piano lessons, though at the time, he was more interested in playing video games. Although Olivier's interest in music developed early, the first thing he bought with his own hard-earned pocket money was the soundtrack for the French film "Le Professionnel” by Ennio Morricone. He now regrets his rebellious attitude and not having studied piano techniques more seriously at a younger age.

        As an antiques dealer, his father had access to nice acoustic pianos, but the cool bands on TV were using synthesizers. So as a teenager, while learning (or pretending to learn) classical piano-- and listening to (but not admitting to love) his mom's favorite classical recordings, Olivier was reproducing on his computer and synthesizer electronic music from French composer Jean-Michel Jarre and trying to play like the composer Vangelis. 

        In 1991, Olivier entered the Grande Ecole INSA in Lyon, France to study Computer Science. During this period, he was in a band named "55 40," (the amount of change the members had in their pockets when deciding on the name). The band covered songs from progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Supertramp,  and occasionally a Mozart classical number in the middle of a rock show.
        Shortly after graduating from the University and completing military service duties, Olivier left France and moved to North America in 1999. No longer desiring to play in a rock band, Olivier now enjoys playing his piano and synthesizers in his living room. He produces single-take recordings minus the encumbrance of a computer — a familiar annoyance, having spent exorbitant amounts of time programming during his day job as a software engineer. 
        In 2011, Olivier decided to record himself and publish some live performances on the web. This proved to be a wonderful experience--very humbling, educational and touching-- receiving meaningful feedback not only from polite friends and family, but also from fans all over the world.
        Today, Olivier continues to improvise, compose, perform and record brilliant music which is available to his fans on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. In addition to his work in music,  Olivier continues his work as a software engineer in San Diego, California, which at times, feels quite like the South of France.

Olivier's Music Releases

"A Time For Us"

"Chi Mai"

Olivier's Featured Videos