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David Nevue has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since February 06, 2016. 

​​        David Nevue is an internationally recognized pianist, composer and recording artist. He has released seventeen albums of his original piano works and arrangements, including two "Piano Album of the Year" winners; Overcome (2005) and Winding Down (2015). His latest album, 2019's In the Soft Light of Grace, went to #1 on both the Amazon.com and iTunes music sales charts for his genre and entered the top 5 on Billboard's album charts. David's music has surpassed 1.6 Billion spins on Pandora Radio, a remarkable feat for an independent artist. David’s music can be heard virtually anywhere you listen to music, including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Music Choice and Pandora Radio.
        David is a self-taught pianist. During his teenage years, he pursued creative writing - especially poetry - as his preferred vehicle for artistic expression. That began to change his freshman year of college when his roommate introduced him to the piano music of George Winston. David had never heard anything like it… "solo piano" that was neither classical nor jazz. Captivated and inspired, David began to compose "song poems" of his own at the piano. This eventually led to his first album of piano works, The Tower, written as a soundtrack for one of his short stories. By his late twenties, his creative efforts were focused almost entirely on music, and he was releasing a new album of compositions every couple of years.
        An early adopter of digital media, David found success selling his CDs and building a mailing list of buyers and fans. To document his processes, in 1997, David wrote and published the first edition of his book, How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet. Updated regularly over the next ten years, How to Promote became the authoritative work (and even college textbook) of its day on the topic of online music marketing. By 2001, the income from David's music-business ventures enabled him to quit his "day job" at Symantec Corporation. Shortly thereafter, he founded Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio, the first internet radio broadcast to feature solo piano music exclusively. David's work as both independent artist and entrepreneur led to feature articles, interviews and mentions in BusinessWeek (now Bloomberg), The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone and numerous other blogs and publications.
        In the mid 2000's, David's name gained widespread recognition due in part to the proliferation of his music on Pandora Radio. A seasoned performer and storyteller, David began to book, produce, and promote his own concert tours across the USA in churches, piano galleries, schools - and even in fan's homes. In his capacity as the founder and CEO of Whisperings radio, he's produced and performed events with seventy-five other pianists, including contemporary piano legends David Lanz, Peter Kater, Wayne Gratz and Suzanne Ciani.
        David continues to compose music, and greatly enjoys hiking and photography. David Nevue is proud to be an official Shigeru Kawai artist.
Watch a short concert performance at the ZMR Music Awards.​

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