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        Tim Glemser is an award-winning pianist and composer from Phoenix, AZ. Tim's debut solo piano album, Painted Echoes (2011), received outstanding recognition for its melodies that evoke nostalgia and pastoral simplicity. Boundless (2013), his sophomore album, delves deeper into more dramatic and diverse pieces, while still maintaining his characteristic touch for emotional imagery. The Spirit of Montana (2015), celebrates the wild beauty and history of America's Big Sky Country. It was a finalist for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio's "Album of the Year." Tim's newest release, Immersion (2018), explores the purifying depths of human experiences that lead to spiritual transformation.
        Tim also has a Christmas album titled O Nata Lux (2014), which is a tender tribute to the birth of Christ with arrangements of traditional carols and original pieces. O Nata Lux won "Album of the Year" at SoloPianoChristmas.com.
        Tim's music can be heard on dozens of radios including Pandora, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Music Choice Soundscapes, Spotify, iTunes Radio, SoloPiano.com's The Stream, Calm Radio, and Enlightened Piano Radio.
        In 2019, he began a YouTube channel, Peaceful Melodies, to share new, relaxing music every week.
        Tim is honored to be recognized as an official Kawai Artist. He records his albums on the Shigeru Kawai SK7L piano at the world-renowned Piano Haven Studio in Sedona, AZ. He records music for his YouTube channel at home on a Kawai Concert Artist CA65 digital piano.  Tim has a B.A. in Music from Arizona State University.

"The Unofficial Bio"

       I've always had a great love for the piano. I can still remember my first lesson when I was twelve years old, finally learning all about those black and white keys and how to make them sing. I grew up listening to the music of George Winston, Michael Jones, and David Lanz. Even though I practiced mostly classical music for my lessons, which I did enjoy,  I really wanted to play pieces from these contemporary composers.                                                                  My teacher finally let me learn "Butterflies in Space" by Michael Jones. This was my first attempt at the "new age" genre. It took me a while, but I mastered it and performed it at a recital. I was hooked! I wanted to do that too--to create music which emits story and emotion. So I began to compose my own melodies.                                                I've always loved to just sit down at the piano when it's completely quiet, usually at night, and express my feelings through the keys. Over the years, these melodies have grown from fun little pieces to more dramatic sounds, mirroring how my own life experiences have expanded and become more profound.                                                               After serving a two-year church mission in Argentina, I attended Arizona State University and graduated with a B.A. in Music. There I studied everything from theory and conducting to theatre and opera. While I had great experiences and gained a rich education during college, my passion has now turned back to the piano. Besides composing, I also find fulfillment in teaching my voice and piano students. What a rewarding experience it has been to instruct and inspire so many people, to help them appreciate the gift of music just as I was taught in my youth.                                                                                                      I currently live in Arizona with my wife and two children. They are the joys of my life, and along with many other family members are continuously encouraging me to achieve my goals. 

Painted Echoes
The Spirit of Montana

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Tim Glemser has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since December 21, 2014. 

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