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         Christopher Boscole is a versatile pianist and composer in the new age, neo-classical, jazz, and contemporary instrumental genres. He also explores creative relationships between music, nature, and photography through videos and multi-media concerts.
        Christopher Boscole is an American pianist and composer Boscole released his first album in 1986 and over 30 years and through 10 albums of mostly original music has established his own unique style of piano sound that contains elements of his background in Jazz, New Age, and Classical traditions. Popular in radio, Boscole's last five solo piano albums have charted in the top 10 as reported on ZMR. His composition “Angel of Bliss” from his album “Presents of Angels” is also featured on the Whisperings Radio Solo Piano compilation “Music to Quiet Your World.”               Boscole is an avid sailor and explores creative relationships between nature, photography, and music through videos and multi-media concerts.  Formally trained, Boscole has a Master of Music in Jazz Piano Performance, Master in Teaching, Bachelor of Arts in Music and also studied privately with the famed jazz musician bassist/pianist Gary Peacock . 


"Collage in Dreams"

"Dreaming in Reality"

Christopher Boscole has been a featured artist on The Artist since October 13, 2017. 

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Skipping on Daisies

"Prayer of Hope"

New Age of Classical Piano


Soul Dreams
Presents of Angels
Dawn of Love

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