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John Albert Thomas

Light of Dawn
Life on Rails
Baby Mine
Light Has Come

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Spring of Joy

John's Featured Videos

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Streams of Grace

"Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light"

Butterfly Whimsy


Piano Works Vol 2
Sweet Resilience
In the Beginning

"Streams of Grace"

Daddy Daughter Dance
The Golden Road

John Albert Thomas has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since November 03, 2023.

"Baby Mine"

Music Portraits

"In the Shadow of Your Wing"

        John Albert Thomas is a solo piano composer and recording artist specializing in trauma-informed piano music.

His solo piano music has been described as quiet, meditative and peaceful, soothing the soul. It is a unique blend of Contemporary Classical, Christian, and New Age Piano genres.

Inspired by real people, John seeks to recognize their uniqueness and worth through original music, and to express God's matchless love for them in a tangible way.

Though not a touring artist, John occasionally joins other artists in concert. His family of six live on their country farm in Arlington, Tennessee, just a stone’s throw from Memphis.

Blue in the Water
Zuzu's Petals
Now I Sleep
Heart Seeker
Come Forth as Gold

"The Ones We Lost"

Legacy of Love

"Now I Sleep"

Piano Works Vol 1
The Scarlet Rope
The Ones We Lost