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        I discovered the hugely talented Jace Everett along with millions of his other fans through his fantastic song "Bad Things“ which was used as the opening theme song to the hugely popular HBO series True Blood. Being a certified addict of the show, I fell in love with his "Bad Things" song and still crank up the volume to wall shaking levels every time I watch. I also discovered Jace has a hilariously dry sense of humor through his priceless personal videos on his Facebook page. It is a true honor to welcome Mr. Jace Everett to The Artist Gallery

Jace Everett has been a featured artist on The Artist since April 26, 2022.

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"That's The Kind of Love I'm In"

        Everett made his way to Music City USA and scored his first #1 co-writing  Josh Turner’s RIAA platinum certified 2006 country smash, “Your Man.”

He officially became an overnight sensation two years later when “Bad Things” – the spooky, sultry highlight of his self-titled 2006 debut album – was featured as theme song to HBO’s blockbuster series, True Blood.

“Bad Things” proved a worldwide hit single, as well as a multiple BMI Cable Television Music Award winner, and helped propel the show to its extraordinary long-running success.

A series of albums followed, each more adventurous and acclaimed than its predecessor, including 2010’s Red Revelations and 2011’s Mr. Good Times. Everett further tightened his gritty, groovy sound with frequent international tours, raising up a fervent fan following at every turn.

“I’m a lucky dude, that’s for sure,” he says. “Every time I start to complain about my life i just remember that I was literally a ditch digger at one point and this is better than that. No offense to the ditch diggers out there – I salute their work, ditches need to be dug.”