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"Nocturne 10 in E Minor" (John Field)

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"Waltz in B Minor" (Chopin)

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     ​Eduardo Viñuela was born in Mexico City, Mexico one summer day of june 1976. He began to study piano with Maria del Socorro Suarez at the age of 11 and several years after, he studied with the teacher Maria Luisa Rasgado, director of the J.S. Bach Academy of Music.

In recent years, he has been developing a technique of composition with the use of mathematical theories like theory of groups, theory of graphs, transversal theory and matroids.  The main focus of his research is moving towards a new approach to musical composition with the aid of incidence geometry.

His works have been performed at the most representative places of Mexico City as well as in the Cities of New York, Chicago and The Hague Netherlands.

"Nocturne in C Sharp Minor" (Chopin)

Songs for a diary

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Eduardo Vinuela

"Instead of a Tango" (Giya Kancheli)

        Paz del Castillo is a pianist and composer of classical origin who focused her career on instrumental music, mainly solo piano, nowadays called adult contemporary music. Her musical career has evolved in her own personal way. Her discography consists of 6 albums and several singles. The albums include “MOODS FOR PIANO”, “Secretos del Corazon-Live”, “ELEVEN DROPS” ,"NOW", "TRES...the best of..." and "HOPE" .

        MOODS FOR PIANO was a revelation into instrumental music and piano solo. It brought newness and freshness and surprised with tracks like "Bolinas" which opens the album. It was reissued in 2011.  In 2013 "ELEVEN DROPS" was published, recorded at INFINITY Studios- MADRID, Spain. It was published by Neuronium Rds label and produced by the artist. The album had a great response both from the public and critics. International critics have praised her work calling it "high quality work, beautiful and technical". (Joe Carroccio-11Radio.com). In Spain, "Beautiful! I personally think that it is the best of three albums ..." (Miguel Angel Espigares-”Cuando yo paro el tiepo " radio show (Onda Granada- Spain).

From the USA, The Creative Service Company agency through its president Randall Davis, promoted “Eleven Drops “ for United States and Canadian radio, and printed media. In 2012, Paz was in the TOP 100 of Zone Music Reporter, staying for several months at number 39 as the only Spanish artist, with her previous live album "Secrets of the Heart". Her album "ELEVEN DROPS" reached higher positions of the charts for more than five months, going directly to the  TOP 10 of 100 in MUSIC ZONE REPORTER, and reaching # 1 in Music Choice SOUNDSCAPES channel in January of 2013. The artist published "NOW" in 2015, the fourth album of her discography, the third studio album . It was recorded at Infinity Studios in Madrid, and produced by Paz. It was released by THE BORDERLINE MUSIC LABEL -GRANADA- SPAIN.

NOW is a declaration of intentions, a tribute to the simple and beautiful things of our daily life, broadcasted on radio stations in Spain, the US and the rest of Europe, directly entering number 5 of the 100 best albums in the month of December 2015 - ZMR- Zone Music Reporter.
Best solo piano album of the year 2015, by the radio channel SOLOPIANO RADIO

"TRES... The best of Paz del Castillo"  In 2018-2019, the compilation album Tres is published, a compendium of the 3 studio albums , which includes 3 new works: "Once upon a time there was a maiden", "Waltz for the good people", "Lo que se de mi".

In 2020: "Habanera del Cabo de Mar", "I Fight", and "Spring Drops" were on radio, streaming and digital channels, spotify, itunes..etc
"I FIGHT, ADAGIO" arrangement for studio with the collaboration of NOISE OF DREAMS label, which just made all mastering and edition work of studio...

2021: Presents "Hope", fifth studio album, available in large stores and all digital platforms, which will be released soon in Taiwan. This new work by Paz del Castillo consists of nine tracks, it opens the album "Hope", the first advance of this LP that puts music to Hope and then resurfaces in these hard moments that we have had to live, "Music to be Reborn" . I Fight, "In Autumn", are some highlights. Paz surprises with the classic "You Are The Sunshine" by Johnny Cash, a beautiful song with piano arrangements, where for the first time, the Asturian artist puts her voice to this adaptation . Recorded at Drax Audio Studios - Madrid, July 2021 (© 2021. Paz del Castillo. All rights reserved.
It is an executive production of Paz del Castillo Music.


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