Jorge Segovia

"Anillo Delicado Encantado"

Jorge Segovia has been a featured artist on The Artist since January 31, 2018. 


​​ Jorge Segovia is a Spanish pianist, guitarist, composer, vocalist, and arranger based in Madrid.

He plays all genres, ranging from early jazz to classical,  musicals, new wave, neo-romantic, rock-n-roll, beat, pop, ballades, etc...

Jorge began dabbling in music while still a small child, and later pursued formal musical training at the age of eleven. He studied under several regionally acclaimed instructors in a conservatory of music.  Then, on his own, he learned the rest of the book by listening, reading between the lines and changing things,, adding notes, altering rhythms, disrupting melodies, mutating harmonies and generally getting muddled up.

You can discover Jorge's lovely original music on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc...

Enjoy, it's free.

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