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Jenaleyse Waterman has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since January 31, 2022.

         Jenaleyse Waterman was born in 2006 in Leesville, Louisiana. She grew to love music at an early age having spent a good deal of her childhood with musical parents in Nashville, Tennessee. Now hailing from Anacoco, Louisiana, Jenaleyse is an aspiring singer / songwriter who enjoys playing piano, guitar and ukulele and any other instruments she can get her hands on.  Her music is a blend of pop and country and she is inspired by artists such as Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, Queen, George Jones and Billy Joel.

        Jenaleyse began writing lyrics in 2021 at the age of fourteen. The first song she ever wrote, "Ain't Her Man" has been released as a single and can be found on various music websites including Amazon, iTunes, and others.

        Jenaleyse also enjoys musical theater. She played the character "Molly" in the musical "Annie" at her school in Nashville and she portrayed "Morticia" in a performance of "The Adams Family" at Leesville High School in Louisiana.