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        Pablo Arellano is a Mexican composer, director and writer, who specializes in the movie industry for more than fifteen years. Mr. Arellano studied music at the New England Conservatory in Boston and early in his career he discovered that the entertainment industry was his passion.
        Mr. Arellano has taken his gifted talents into many leading directors' rolls with eight hit movies: (Art House Factory Production currently available in ten countries and five languages) Prophecies From the Heart,  A New Consciousness, The Infinite Wisdom of Love, The Big Bang Within You, The Infinite Mind, Francesco's Heaven, Mayan Secret and Path of Joy.
​        In addition, Mr. Arellano has composed and produced eight albums with distribution in more than five countries: Spirit of Silence, Soft Passion, Angeles Call, Brillará en ti, Brillará en ti 2, Atlantis Healing Live, Hacia el Sol and HIM soundtrack.
        Along with his artistic accomplishments Mr. Pablo Arellano enjoys every minute of his life and spends time learning about the internal silence of every human being.

Pablo Arellano has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since May 08, 2016. 

Pablo Arellano

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"Peaceful Mind No. 1"

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Pablo's Featured Videos

Pablo Arellano