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Born In Sydney Australia, Mark John McEncroe commenced music studies in his adulthood. He had a varied interest in many genres of music, which led him to roles in the music industry in his early 20’s and 30’s. For much of that time he was a label Manager, first with EMI Australia and then with EMI Sweden. 

McEncroe began studying piano in earnest at the age of 37 in Sydney with Will Scarlet and then Valerie Fawcett, but quickly became aware that it was composition he was drawn to. To this end he studied composition and music theory in Sydney with prominent music educator and composer Margaret Brandman. 

Primarily McEncroe writes for the piano but has written many works for orchestra as well, having collaborated over many years with orchestrator/composer Mark J Saliba, who has orchestrated from McEncroe’s piano score reductions.​

Mark Saliba continued on from Margaret Brandman in the capacity of orchestration and compositional skills studies, which is ongoing. 

To date McEncroe has recorded and released 18 albums of piano and orchestral works. Pianists on his recorded piano works include Australia's Van-Anh Nguyen, John Martin and Helen Kennedy, and Japanese-American pianist Yoko Hagino. 

McEncroe’s piano works have been recorded by Australian pianists John Martin, Van-Anh Nguyen and Helen Kennedy, and Japanese-American pianist Yoko Hagino. All McEncroe’s Symphonic Suites and Tone Poems to date have been recorded by the Janacek Philharmonic in The Czech Republic, conducted by American Anthony Armore. His orchestral music has also been recorded by Sydney Scoring Orchestra; The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and The Zagreb Festival Orchestra.

Parma Recordings in the USA have released much of McEncroe’s repertoire on their Navona Label, and his music is now released on Australian Label Modern Classical X. Selections of McEncroe’s music have been performed in Europe with The Janacek Philharmonic, The Zagreb Philharmonic and The Russe Philharmonic.

In February 2020 two of his orchestrated piano pieces were performed at Carnegie Hall. HIs works have also been performed in concert by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and The Vienna Royal Orchestra.

August 2022 will see the world premiere of the ballet "Odon", co-written by McEncroe and Saliba. It is set in the Middle Ages and will be performed by the State Opera Stara Zagora. All McEncroe's compositions to date have been published by Wirripang. His CDs are available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Wirripang, ArkivMusic and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal or wherever you prefer to listen to your music.


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Dark Clouds In Life
Orchestral Visions

Mark John McEncroe

Reflections & Recollections Vol. 2
Musical Images for Piano Vol. 3
Ode to the Wilderness

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"Largo in B Minor"

"Ode to the Wilderness"

Symphonic Suite No 3

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Reflections & Recollections Vol. 1
My Symphonic Poems
Live in Ostrava
Musical Images for Chamber Orchestra Vol. 1

"Celtic Pagan Pilgrimage"

"Images of Times Past"

Live in Budapest
Symphonic Suites 1 & 2


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        One of our generation's most talented orchestral and piano composers, Mark John McEncroe evokes a refreshing blend of Ravel and Debussy with a light and airy sound all his own. A perfect example is in the video playing below, "Reflections & Recollections, Vol 2."  It is good.........very good! ....with some amazingly beautiful imagery as well. His music is unique, refreshing..... sublimely satisfying to the senses. Bravo to Mark John McEncroe,   a great composer and true artist!  It is our great honor to welcome Mark John McEncroe to the Artist Gallery!

Musical Images for Piano Vol 1 & 2

Mark John McEncroe

Musical Images for Chamber Orchestra Vol. 2
Odon Ballet

"Shades of Autumn"

Fanfare Suite

Mark John McEncroe has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since Aug 06, 2016. 

"In a Tranquil Water Garden"

Mark's Featured Videos

Piano Memories
Musical Visions for Piano


"Reflections & Recollections, Vol. 2"

"Nocturnal Images"